The Different Classes of the Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile game that can be played on both Apple and Android devices. The game is neatly laid out and is easy to play. Based on the Marvel Comic Characters, you will be asked to choose heroes who you will use to battle against the opponent. The quests are neatly arranged and consist of sub categories which when played will help you win points, if you win the battle.

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The 6 Classes of Gaming

After winning many battles and collecting much loot and resources, you can view your entire wealth on the Champion screen which offers an overview of your account. You can also look at the statistics of your hero and choose to upgrade her or him, if eligible. You can also combine gold and ISO-8 to boost the level of your character. They serve as a catalyst once the champions reach the 10th level. Moreover, every hero which you possess is a part of one of the 6 classes. These 6 classes are used to decide the Class Bonus. A list of the class is as given below:

  • Tech (Weak against Cosmic, strong against Mutant)
  • Skill (Weak against Mutant, Strong against Science)
  • Science( Weak against Skill, Strong against Mystic)
  • Mystic (Weak against Science, Strong against Cosmic)
  • Mutant (Weak against Tech, Strong against Skill)
  • Cosmic (Weak against Mystic, Strong against Tech)

If you are worried about memorizing it, don’t be; because you will be informed if your opponent has an advantage over you. To complement this level of deepness and modes, the gameplay is designed to be flawless. The controls that the game provides are its highlight and after a few battles, you will be a pro at both defensive and attacking stances. The game’s mechanics are easy to follow and can be played by almost anyone.

Detailed Characters

You will be happy to see that characters will have the same characteristics and will also have additional special attacks. This when combined with class bonus will give you the ultimate team which creates a balanced gameplay. One amazing aspect of the game is the detailed work which has been put to create characters which are replicas of the ones seen on TV, with fluid movements and flashy special attacks. The game is amusing to play and easy to pass time.

With subtle but effective music and great sound effects, the game provides you with an experience that is almost surreal for a mobile game. However, there is a drawback and that is the lauch time that it takes when you launch the app. Moreover, loading screens are also a little irritating as you will have to load many screens as you play the game and you will definitely need to keep your eye on the battery as you drain out of juice quickly when you play the Contest of Champions. You can also use Marvel contest of champions hack apk to earn points quickly and move up the levels.